Beauty Services Brows

Welcome to my most popular service! Every eyebrow appointment is customized, personal, and detailed to each individual.

Shaping Brows: $17

  • Pro shaping
  • Determining your perfect shape
  • Pre & post skin calming treatments
  • Brow finishing concealer. This means no redness & brow products to create your most perfectly defined brows.

Brow Cleanup: $12

Trim, Wax & Tweeze. Wax is cream based which is suitable for all skin types, and all tools are sanitized or disposable, to avoid any cross-contamination. PST…There’s no double dipping allowed here!

Men's Brows: $12

Trim, tweeze and detail. The goal is to ensure a clean look that retains its natural, mega-masculine, perfectly thick brows. Wax is applicable if needed or preferred!

Tinting Brows: $20

For those who want fuller looking brows, this adds thickness and definition. Chose to lighten or darken those beautiful brows.

Shaping & Tinting Brows: $30

Brow Tint, Wax & Tweeze. This triple threat will get your brows ready for any occasion. The tint will add depth, wax will create dimension, and tweezing will give you an overall polished look.

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