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SunnaSmile is an LED-activated teeth whitening system. The formula was developed over five years of extensive research and testing, and that formula is now used in thousands of dental offices across North America. The SunnaSmile system is proven to be an effective, enamel-safe, low-sensitivity, and convenient option available now through SunnaSmile for use at-home or in-studio by a trained SunnaSmile professional.

The active whitening ingredients include a one-of-a-kind combination of Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbamide Peroxide and Xylitol, as well as naturally compounded ingredients that increase whitening, reduce sensitivity, remineralize teeth and heal oral tissue, including:

  • Calcium Lactate - Remineralizes teeth (Enhanced effect when combined with Xylitol)
  • Potassium Citrate - Desensitizing agent
  • Aloe - Heals and soothes skin irritation
  • Neem - Antibacterial used to heal gums and prevent plaque
  • Zinc - Aids in preventing plaque buildup


Watch as your stunning smile becomes instantly brighter from the comfort of your home. The SunnaSmile Home Whitening and Aftercare Kit provides visible results in just 15 minutes. Stick with it for 5 days and you’ll take your teeth up to 8 Shades whiter. At this point you’ll feel like a celebrity, but we don’t leave you hanging there: you’ll also get a six-month supply of our aftercare to maintain that glowing grin of yours, plus a travel case to take it on-the-go.

The SunnaSmile Home Whitening and Aftercare Kit is sensitivity-free, enamel-safe and includes the SunnaSmile Professional Strength Xyliprox gel and light. You can use the kit on it’s own at home (preferably while you watch Netflix), or combine it with our professional in-studio service.

The SunnaSmile Home Whitening and Aftercare Kit incudes one LED light, detachable tray, 50ml whitening gel pump, travel case, and an extra battery.

SunnaSmile 2 in 1 Advanced Whitening Gel Refill

We’re confident you’ll get hooked on your bright new smile. Don’t worry, we’ve got refills when you need a refresh. This includes a 50ml whitening gel pump and a new battery for your LED light.

SunnaSmile In-Studio Whitening

You might be wondering “what’s the difference between my amazing at-home-Netflix-watching SunnaSmile Home kit and the in-studio session?” They aren’t very different, but we do recommend that you combine the two treatments for the best results. Both our at-home and in-studio whitening lights use the same blue LED light technology that you’ve probably seen used in dental offices. Our in-studio treatment will show you stunningly whiter teeth in just 15 minutes. If you follow up with the at-home treatment after your in-studio visit, you are likely to achieve maximum whitening results in just 5 days.